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Paralegal Anastasia Todorovic

Paralegal Anastasia Todorovic


Paralegal Anastasia Todorovic handles the firm’s criminal, traffic, and DUI cases. She also assists with the firm’s immigration cases.


Anastasia was born and raised in Belarus, where her father is a prominent law enforcement officer. She speaks fluent Belarusian and Russian. While in Belarus, she always had a passion for learning the English language and the law. She followed her passion and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Education & Interpreting at Minsk State Linguistic University.

She eventually came to the United States to broaden her perspective of the English Language and American culture. While in the U.S., she furthered her passion for the law and obtained her Associates degree in Criminal Justice & Homeland Security at ECPI University. Upon graduation from ECPI, she worked as a pre-trial officer at a local probation office. After that, she worked as a paralegal at a local private law firm handling serious criminal cases. After that, she joined Huff Law as a paralegal where she has been ever since.

Anastasia has substantial experience handling all aspects of criminal, traffic, and DUI defense. She is responsible for managing the firm’s criminal, traffic, and DUI cases, conducting client intake procedures, assisting clients with obtaining their mitigating documents for court, scheduling and postponing court hearings, subpoenaing witnesses for court hearings, and filing motions and requests to receive various types of evidence. She also assists with the firm’s immigration cases.


  • Minsk State Linguistic University, Bachelor in Education & Interpreting
  • ECPI University, Associates in Criminal Justice & Homeland Security (with honors)