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DUI Defense in Virginia

Driving under the influence is no doubt a serious offense and is illegal in every state in the United States. In Virginia, there is no distinction between driving while intoxicated (“DWI”) and driving under the influence (“DUI”) --- they mean the same thing under Virginia law.

In Virginia, you are considered to be “per se” intoxicated if your BAC is a .08 or higher. This is true even if you do not feel like you are intoxicated. Overall, there are 5 factors a judge or jury will look at to determine if you were driving under the influence to include:

  • Your driving behavior
  • Your general appearance and conduct
  • Your statements regarding alcohol or drug consumption
  • Your performance on the various field sobriety tests
  • Your BAC as determined by a breath or blood sample

Furthermore, the penalties for a conviction of DUI include a permanent criminal record, jail time, a minimum 12-month license suspension, alcohol and substance abuse education through ASAP (Alcohol Safety Awareness Program) and substantially-increased car insurance rates.

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DUI Defense in Virginia