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How I beat DUI charges in Virginia
How I beat DUI charges in Virginia
25 August 2017

Facing a DUI charge in Virginia? Well you should read this:

I find that several clients who are looking for the best possible outcome on their DUI charge end up in my office. As a DUI attorney in Virginia, I am frequently asked how I can beat a DUI charge. And there really is no quick and easy answer. Oftentimes, the DUI charges I get dismissed are because I am able to find some weakness, flaw or loophole in the case. I don’t beat these charges because my clients are sober, I beat them because I dauntlessly hold the prosecution to their burden to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. This is sometimes harder for the prosecutor to do than you think. Especially since DUI cases involve many complex technicalities in the law. It is those technicalities that I meticulously explore to obtain a dismissal of your DUI charge.

Usually, a judge or jury will look at 5 factors to determine your guilt on a DUI charge: 1) your driving behavior, 2) your general appearance and conduct, 3) your confessions regarding alcohol or drug consumption, 4) your performance on the field sobriety tests, and 5) the toxicology report from a breath or blood test. But even if all 5 factors suggest that you are guilty of DUI, it is still possible to beat a DUI charge based on technicalities that may have been overlooked by the police during their investigation. This is precisely what I look for.

Bottom line: Even if you don’t feel intoxicated, don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

By Michael Huff, Esq.