• Recently, I got a ticket for reckless driving by speed in VA. I am from MD and didn't know the consequences of getting a ticket for this in VA, can be so heavy.
    I took the decision of hiring Mr Michael Huff as my attorney. From the moment I spoke to him for consultation, I could feel that I will be in good hands. Michael is a thorough professional. He was very clear from day one as to what exactly needs to be done.
    Eventually, I just had to pay the fine on the day of my court hearing.
    I would highly recommend him to people who need consultation for traffic related violations.

  • Mr. Huff, was amazing. He keep me in the loop every step of the way. My case was not an easy one but he was absolutely amazing. He took the time to learn and understand the process that my case intaled. He was alway prepared and gave me the best legal advise. He had my best interest in mind always.
    Thank you Michael Huff for everything you did for me.
    I will always send my friends and family to you.
    I will keep you and your family in my prayers always and I wish you the best always.
    Thanks again,

  • I had Micheal on two different occasions and he did exceptional for me on both of those cases . My first case was possession of marijuana with Intent to distribute where my guidelines were 3 to 6 months of active jail time and with his excellent work and enormous effort he was able to convince the judge to suspend all of that time and only give me probation.. My second case was also a drug distribution but this time it was much more serious it was heroin and I was looking at 40 years. He worked around the clock on this case. He prepared a great plan that allowed me to be granted bond which was unlikely in this case . From then on he really dug deep into the case , he was able to get the prosecutor to agree to Nolle process the case due to lack of evidence so my charge was dismissed.. I am truly beyond happy with his services . He had saved my life and my future . He was easily available to be reached at any time and was always responsive within a matter of an hour or less .. I would highly recommend him to anyone going through legal troubles

  • Ms. Huff prepared my B2 visa’s extension. The process took a few days and she was there to answer all my questions and concerns. I didn’t meet her in person because I was visiting my friends in Florida but that didn’t make thing harder to communicate with her or her support staff. Would use her services in a future and recommend to my friends.

  • I recently consulted and hired Mrs. Huff from Huff Law, PLC. In my specific situation, I am an American citizen and needed legal consultation because I wanted to bring my parents from Canada to the U.S. to live with me. Mrs. Huff provided exceptional service and prepared my parents' green card applications.

    I appreciate and praise Mrs. Huff's availability, reasonable pricing, and overall work ethic. She is definitely goal-oriented! Additionally, Mrs. Huff offered me a free initial consultation, which other firms I researched did not provide. Mrs. Huff from Huff Law, PLC is impeccable in her work. I strongly recommend her services to those in need.

  • Mr. Huff was extremely professional and helped me get through a very difficult citizenship application process. He made sure we covered all the bases and had the most clear and well prepared application with all necessary affidavits and additional documents.
    I am now in line to be scheduled for the swearing in ceremony and couldn't be any happier!

  • Michael Huff was my legal defense attorney in a misdemeanor case of reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. Michael was clear, concise, organized and professional in his preparation for the trial. I am pleased and satisfied with the outcome of the trial considering the prosecutor's principal witness perjured himself several times on the witness stand. Michael was able to reduce the charges and fines to the lowest allowed under the law that I might have received from the presiding judge.

  • I've spoken with many lawyers and have hired a few in the past but none have been as professional and personable as Mr. Huff. He not only explains all your options thoroughly but he takes the time to hear you out as a person and doesn't treat you like a number like some other lawyers. Furthermore, he is highly intelligent thus he knows all the possible angles of a case and due to that his success rate is high. You cannot go wrong with Mr. Huff and I cannot recommend his services enough. Lastly, he is down to earth and doesn't spew a bunch of jargon, empty rhetoric, and worthless propaganda. He makes it simple and consise to understand while being thorough and accurate with the information given.

  • After interviewing with a few lawyers specializing in traffic violations, we decided to hire Mr. Huff. From the first moment on the phone through the day we went to trial, Mr. Huff was always available to answer questions and took much of his time to explain into great detail what can be done, what may be questionable, as well as what to expect. He did get a dismissal for what was the more serious charge, just like he had told us. The lesser charge was unfortunately not dismissed, but that was questionable from the beginning as it was a justified charge to begin with.

  • Hiring, Michael Huff, Esq. was the smartest move I have made. With his encyclopedic knowledge of the law, his unparalleled ability to litigate and his graceful and professional demeanor he was able to transform a guilty verdict found in General District Court to a dismissal in Circuit Court: I was pulled over due to a faulty tail-light as I was heading home from a friends house. However, I was issued a ticket for more than a mere traffic violation. My car wreaked of marijuana the evening I was pulled over and unbeknownst to me was a bag of marijuana, a grinder and a device for inhaling said marijuana (all of which was found within my center console, located between both front-driver and passenger seats). Needless to say I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I took my case to Mr. Huff, where he evaluated the facts, both mine and the officer's, he informed me of the possible consequences attached to the charge and assured me he would do his best to seek justice -- his best is the BEST! He consistently updated me as the days brought nearer my court date. I was found guilty in General District Court where the judge presiding over the case was a substitute judge, with her airing on the side of caution, she held strong to the idea that the odor being emitted was reason enough to prove that I had knowledge of its presence. But this did not stop Mr. Huff, instead he, after some strong convincing on his end and with moderate, easily negotiable, additional fees, appealed my case to the next level: Circuit Court. He instructed me to invest in a stenographer for my initial court date set in General District, he wanted someone to bind the prosecutor and his witnesses, himself included, to their testimonies and arguments so as to avoid them being altered and used against me during the appeal -- smart move! When we arrived, January 12th, he strutted into the court-room with a strong, confident presence (it was his confidence in and out of the courtroom, as well as throughout the proceedings, start to finish, that allowed me to sleep at night, worry free). He, with immense passion, argued that mere proximity is not enough to assume knowledge or possession. He stood his ground. He cross-examined the witness (officer who pulled me) and was able to rupture multiple holes in the given testimony. When it was the prosecutors turn to present his argument he was immediately silenced and shut down by Mr. Huff, who, instead of rolling over and playing dead, decided to instruct the prosecutor of the true meaning and proper application of the law (the judge smirked as Mr. Huff shot down the prosecutor). He used the prosecutor's own verbiage as a shield that he later turned on him as a sword, plunging it deep into the errors and misinterpretations he was shilling to the judge. I was found innocent and my charges were dismissed immediately after both Mr. Huff's and the prosecutor's closing statements were rendered. My life and my future was hanging in the balance, but now I can enjoy both without fear. I do not plan on positioning myself on the wrong side of the law, nor have I ever. But should justice need finding in the future, I know precisely who I will turn to -- Mr. Michael Huff, Esq.. Words cannot express how satisfied and elated I am with his results. He may be young, but he, as I mentioned, has an unparalleled knowledge of the law, it was very impressive, though scary on my end, watching him win my case with seeming ease. Do yourself a favor and hire, Mr. Huff. You will not regret it! It was the best decision I have made and it is a decision I will make again should need present itself! Thank you, Mr. Huff. You truly are a litigating marvel!!!

  • I had a 92 in a 70, wreckless. After speaking with a few other lawyers I decided to go with Mr. Huff because he was genuine with his words. He didnt beat around the bush and didn't just tell me what i wanted to hear. Michael Huff accurately told me the possible outcomes, and what I could do for my best interest. He is very knowledgeable and extremely good at what he does. I took his advice while he worked his magic. I was beyond pleased with the outcome and very grateful. No jail time, no suspension, wreckless was reduced. I consider him MY lawyer, and will go to him for all of my legal issues (though hopefully there will be no more issues!) I highly recommend Michael Huff.

  • I got a reckless driving ticket traveling to VA beach from Maryland. I was doing 99 on a 60 mph highway. I contacted Michael, told him my situation and he was very honest with me and told me there is a great chance that I might receive some jail time. He then gave me a to-do list which would help me look good in front of the judge. Today we went to court and Michael represented me MARVELOUSLY. He was beyond professional, was very knowledgeable about my case and knew how to approach the judge. Not only did he keep me from doing jail time he was able to reduce my ticket from reckless driving to speeding. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM.

  • I was pulled on New Years Eve of 2014 for speeding and the officer asked if I had been drinking. I decided to tell the truth because I was terrified. I told him "I only had a couple of drinks and went to my friends house to eat and sober up before I drove home." I was bartending at a restaurant on NYE and got off at midnight.....so I didn't have much time to celebrate. My "couple drinks" story was the truth. He put me through a series of sobriety tests and told me I passed but still wanted to breathalyze me. I blew a 0.88 and he took me to jail. There were several things this police office did that weren't right just to convict me. I hired Michael and he did a great job handling everything, because truly, he felt I was innocent and was trying to do the right thing by sobering up. He was able to identify that my officer provided invalid information on certain things. He went out of his way to try and get me the best deal I could get. Had I not had Michael I would have a DUI on my record and am thankful for his help.

  • I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Huff. My son was having a moment where he was not thinking clearly and he shoplifted an item. This is a misdemeanor in VA and can be a big deal. Mr. Huff was so knowledgeable and helpful during this whole process. He communicated clearly what we needed to do, what could happen, he had a fair price and told us exactly what his fees are, we are located in falls church and we did all interactions (with the exception of the court day) over the phone and e-mail, he pays attention to detail, and is very responsive and professional. If I ever need a lawyer in the future, I will definitely call Mr. Huff.

  • Having never been in serious trouble before Attorney Huff proved to be the best decision I ever made in hiring a lawyer. He fully informed me of the process and when my nerves got the best of me, he made sure I was comfortable before allowing anything to proceed. I would recommend him to all my family and friends. If I ever needed another lawyer Mr. Huff will be my first call!

  • I have known Mike since 2008. My family has now used him for 3 different cases. In my particular experience I had been charged with a DUI, Mike was able to use the law to my/our advantage and have the charge reduced to reckless driving. The outcome in my case is very rare but I am very glad to have had Mike on my side during that difficult and stressful time.

  • There can be just one word for his service to explain which is "Great"! He tried to help me a lot, and gave me everything that i need to do from the beginning.. If you re going to complate all of his requests from you, you are going to be okay. He is really respectfull, helpfull and friendly lawyer.. He deserve to be in top lawyers

  • Mr. Huff maintains the highest standards of Legal Representation. When I needed someone, he was there. He made himself available to me, often making time for me in person on the same day. When I had questions, he always called me back, or emailed me back - even on nights and weekends. He really knows what he is doing, and has a thorough knowledge of the Law. I recommend him highly.

  • The advice given before court was invaluable! Once in the courtroom things went just as he predicted. My reckless driving charges (DUI) were reduced to a simple moving traffic violation. Michael Huff challenged specific facets of the law prompting the judge to refer back to desk references. I will retain his services again should the situation warrant.

  • Michael quickly and effectively planned a strategy for handling my DUI charge. During my initial phone conversation with him, he was up front about the odds of succeeding in court, which I found refreshing. His knowledge of proper police procedure and his diagnosis of the police report led to a "Not Guilty" verdict for me.

  • He helped me so very much when I had what looked to be a somewhat bleak situation, regarding my keeping my license. Although I have no DUIs, I had several traffic violations, that seemed to be concentrated within the past 3 years. If you get a certain amount of violations, in a certain period, your license is suspended. I moved here in my mid-twenties, to support retiring parents and subsequently, am starting over in terms of my support system. What's more, I live in the country, so the bottom line is: it is imperative that I be able to drive. Mr. Huff was available by phone for any questions I had, seemed genuinely concerned about my emotional well-being, and physically walked me through each aspect of the court case, including making payment arrangements. His energy and enthusiasm for helping his clients is contagious. And thanks to him, I was able to continue driving, pay my fines over time and seek employment opportunities. Thank you.

  • he did just as he said, my case got dismissed cause he asked the rite questions, and with my case I had to have a lawyer, if it went the other way I could have lost my cdl license or went to jail.....thank-u for the help Michael

  • Want an attorney who actually knows what he's talking about..? Then i would highly recommend Michael Huff. Very straight forward and affordable

  • Mr. Huff was an excellent lawyer. Answered all my questions, great representation in court.....got all my charges dropped. (82/60) and driving w/out a license. Very competitive with any fees. (Cheapest after looking for days)
    If you haven't called his office make sure you do before making a decision.

  • Michael was wonderful. He was very thorough in explaining what the procedures were and what we would need to do. He presented our case diplomatically and my daughter's reckless driving charge was dismissed without court costs!

  • Very professional, keeps you very up to date on the progress of the case. Very caring about his clients. Did everything I was hoping to be done in court, he will fight for you. I'm very thankful for his services!!!

  • Michael is a sharp lawyer! He was extemely professional, detailed oriented, and gave me a peace of mind! His knowledge and expertise helped me get a shoplifting reduced to a trespassing charge. He also worked hard at getting me no jail time with a felony forgery(10 yrs suspended) and one more felony knocked off completely. I would recommend Michael to all!

  • Recently received reckless driving 84/65. I was very concerned since this could affect my job (Im a commercial license holder). Mr. Huff met with me in his office and explained step by step what I needed to do and what I should expect in court.
    The court day went as planned and I got my charge reduced to speeding with minimum fines.
    I would highly recommend Mr. Huff - he knows what he is doing.

  • I recently received a reckless driving speeding ticket and it was my first offence. This happened during memorial day weekend and as i researched for traffic attorneys practicing in the particular county i came across Michael and his partners name. Michael reached out to me that very day as their firm is available 24 * 7 and this was a huge relief. Michael openly discussed the case , various factors and outcomes. He also advised what could be done to help the case and always available to answer the 1000s of questions i had. Most of those questions arose as online this particular charge seemed tough to deal with. Michael does his best to put the client at ease and is very approachable. He also prepared me for court day in terms of what to expect. On the actual day he instructed me well and the hearing was over in 30 seconds! I am thankful for Michael to get my charge reduced to a normal speeding ticket and highly recommend him.